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The main problem with the main character’s “lesser qualities” is that there doesn’t seem to be any reason for them. The only “bad” thing she does that makes sense is when she sells off the other “vintage sellers” gifted dress. At least then, it’s clear that she’s choosing business over sentimentality.

But, when she screws over her friend when she asks for a job, it’s not clear why, and there’s nothing to be learned about leadership or anything else from it. When someone like Tony Soprano (or the main character from The Devil Wears Prada) does something cut throat, it’s obvious why, even if it’s not a generous move.

In this show — there’s often no good reason (or else, it’s counter productive). It just seems to come out of nowhere. There’s also not a whole lot of reason for her out-of-control ambition. You kind of get the feeling that they wanted to create an “ambitious female character” and just plugged that quality into her. But, aside from some generalizations about being non-conformist and not wanting anyone to be her boss, there’s not much reason for her to screw over her best friend so that she can take credit for her business. That quality doesn’t seem to come out anywhere else either, so it’s not clear why it comes out there.

Also, I’m not sure the actress can handle the part. When she gets upset, she doesn’t seem like she’s coming from a place of passionate perfectionism, she seems like she’s having a tantrum.

One other note — for a show that goes so far out of it’s way to be progressive, the fact that one woman refers to Tommie Smith and John Carlos as “black panthers” is a little ridiculous. They were black people, who made a stand for civil rights. I haven’t seen any evidence they were black panthers, anymore than Colin Kaepernick is.

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