Right, but the Clippers won with Paul scoring about the same amount as he did when they lost Game 5…
Thanksgiving McDaniels

Word — obviously it was an anecdotal point, not meant be taken as the be-all-end-all on CP3 or Wall. The larger point/question is whether Chris Paul is built to take over a game if he does need to. You can question whether that’s actually necessary, but the point of the Simmons article was asking whether CP3 has some responsibility for the fact that he hasn’t really done much in the playoffs, and not being willing to take 25 shots in a must-win game might be one factor in his lack of success.

Again, you can look it as “Well, Wall’s in the 2nd round of the playoffs, and it he makes it to the Eastern Conference finals he’ll have already gone as far as Paul has in his entire career.” The other way to look at is — Paul’s prime with a great team coincided with a stacked West featuring the Warriors, OKC with Westbrook and Durant, and the Spurs, while Wall will have beat a mediocre Hawks team and a good-but-nowhere-near great Celtics team.

Like I said — it’s anecdotal, but there might be something to the general idea. I just couldn’t help noticing the totals after Simmons’s article the other day.

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