My First Post — Thinking too much

Lots of us do it. We are guilty of overthinking. We over-complicate things that are really quite simple. We get hung up following these twisted complex creations in our head and waste copious amounts of time moving in circles.

We are different. Some of us do it in social interactions. Others do it constructing emails. Most of us do it when we want to have that conversation with our boss about a getting a raise. Some people, like me, can overthink a lot of things if they aren’t careful. The overthinking stops us from doing lots of things we really want to do in order to move forward in our lives, our careers and our relationships.

For me, a lot of the overthinking has had to do with how I would be perceived. I realized that this hesitation that came of this is “overthinking” and it is really rooted in fear.

Overthinking and fear go hand in hand. Anyone who has jumped off of a ledge into a body of water knows the feeling. The longer you wait to jump the harder it gets. You start looking down and start psyching yourself out. It gets exponentially harder to just jump the longer you wait. The fear creeps in slowly t first and eventually paralyzes you. The point of this post, is to say that the fear you get while waiting to jump off the ledge into the water is just the exaggerated version of thought process of overthinking an email.

Sure, it is important to think about what you do and say. Sometimes it is very important to put a LOT of thought into these things depending on the situation. But,try to find a way to recognize when this hesitation is rooted in fear. And when you catch yourself thinking too much about that email, or initiating that conversation, or writing the next paragraph of your Medium post. Try this:

  1. Ask yourself, “what is the worst that could happen?”
  2. If the answer to that question is not “ I would get fired” “I would go to jail” “I would hurt someone else or myself”. Then just do it already.

Your fears become your limits.

-Kevin Graham