2019 Global University Pitch Competition

Kevin Rutter
Jan 11 · 2 min read
Students at a recent on-campus event brainstorming their use case for the competition.

Do you have a cool business idea for blockchain technology, but are disillusioned by crypto price depreciations, broken promises of forked architectures, hypocritical ideologies, and ICO scams? Cheer up! The dream of blockchain is still alive!!!

R3’s 2019 Global University Pitch Competition, now open and accepting submissions, is THE place for any student (team) globally to elevate their idea for blockchain technology to the next level. The winning team will receive $15,000 as well as the support and resources necessary to begin to BUIDL a sustainable business. No technical expertise or previous knowledge required — the competition is built to be accessible for all types of students.

Promising start-ups such as Elphi and Finteum have proven that student-driven companies often tend to think more disruptively with their business models. The progress of these start-ups has shown that R3’s guidance and office space, coupled with access to our extensive network of 100+ banks and 200+ partners, can be invaluable for students early in their blockchain journey.

We certainly see a divide between technological capabilities and business needs in the blockchain space, particularly for early stage ideas. Successful start-ups in the enterprise blockchain space are those that combine industry-specific knowledge and technical savvy to identify a business problem that fits the technology well. These initiatives leading the market have followed the timeless advice of Theodore Levitt: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

Turn that cool idea into something more. Visit https://www.r3.com/pitch-competition/ and download our informational deck to get started!

The R3 Team