Competitive Overview

Competitor Comparison — At A Glance

Very poor incoming traffic to site relative to your competitors. As we review all numbers, we’ll see 4 East Elm is doing an atrocious job marketing and we shouldn’t take pride in edging them out in any metrics. Here, however, the left side shows they still manage to beat us in aggregate inbound traffic over the last three months. On the right, we see 2WD’s incoming traffic was too negligible to even register on the graph February — March, with referral visits increasing slightly in April.
Amongst the traffic generated by your direct competitors, you’re capturing a mere 7%. All your traffic is strong “direct” traffic. People explicity going to Perhaps from your print ads if that is where the URL has most appeared. In the digital and search space, you’re getting killed, but at least some traffic coming from direct visits kept you from falling as far behind as 4eastelm has over the last 3 months.
I would say that a properly marketed site in this space should be generating a minimum of 2000 pageviews a month.
Ranking only in front of 4 East Elm domestically
Ranking only in front of 4 East Elm globally
Negative slope shows poor traffic performance has recently been getting worse. With Renelle and One Bennet Park’s traffic slowing, this would be an opportune time to surge in visibility and ranking within your keyword and search categories.
Showing well with people directly typing in I would imagine this is from Sotheby’s really pushing you in their CS magazine ad buys. Mail, referrrals, Social, Organic Search, Paid Search, and Display Ads, you are in last place or tied for it in each category. The traditionally poorly performing 4 East Elm is outperforming us drastically in organic search and referrals. Renelle and One Bennet Park seem to be separating themselves from you traffic-wise, explicitly by paid search & display ads.
Good “direct” performance via CS Ads.
Opportunity for email-generated traffic on leads list, with few active in this space with exception of Vista, which seems the runaway leader due to national press.
Getting killed on organic search by competitors. Enhanced SEO optimization of the site would help this.
Getting killed on paid search by competitors. Strong strategy in Google adwords would help this.
Getting killed on paid search by competitors. Strong banner and social ads campaign would help this. Mostly banner given upscale market.

In-Detail Search Traffic Analysis of Competitors

Ritz Carlton — Search Traffic + Keywords

Tons of clicks from organic search — have to pay for very little of their traffic
Benefit from tons of Ritz Carlton searches — also phenomenal rank for select group of highly-valued paid keywords — see on the right
Bulk of their traffic comes organically via search from the Ritz Carlton brand
Ads with which they’ve had success — for my analysis

Renelle Chicago — Search Traffic + Keywords

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