Mancation Tutorials

Tutorial 1 | Site Structure Overview

Explaining why we currently have 2 sites: a marketing and a marketplace site and the logic behind this set-up.

Tutorial 2 | Pre-Launch Consumer Sign-Up

How we’re handling customer sign-ups before the store is fully set up with actual adventures, to store all their information for marketing purposes, but preventing them accessing the actual marketplace site to keep them from mistakenly buying a trip on the marketplace site that is, in fact, demo content for the time being and they shouldn’t be able to buy

Something to get you excited. Watch the full process from start to finish. This tutorial is repeated near the end but it’s important you view it twice so it soaks in.

Look how far we’ve come! Here we trace the whole process from purchase through to bank deposit and commission payment, detailing all Email and Dashboard Notifications for Customer/Vendor/Admin Along the Way

You may not understand a ton of it out of the gate, but by the time you view it as one of the last tutorials in the sequence you’ll see you have a much better grasp of what’s going on and it’s important to view this video minimally twice.

Now… let’s take a step back and go through things more gradually — I just wanted to show you the whole transaction process there to start to wrap your head around…

Tutorial 3 | A Purchase from the Customer Side

Showing a customer purchase from start to finish, including adding the adventure to cart, social sharing, checking out, making payment, and receiving “Order Processing” and “Order Completed” emails

Mancation Tutorial 4 | Vendor Next Steps Guide

The email vendors receive after registering and after their account is approved has a guide to the 3 next steps they’ll need to complete to finish vendor setup. This video shows the linked guide these vendors are provided.

NOTE: The first video here is an update to the second video. Note that when we change the role of pending vendors when approving them, we change the role from pending vendor to Vendor MANAGER, not Vendor Admin like we used to. Here is the video correction, then view the original longer video below:

Note: Change from “Pending Vendor to Vendor MANAGER, not Vendor Admin like we used to”

Mancation Tutorial 5 | Accepting a Newly Registered Vendor

Changing the status of a vendor who just applied from “Pending Vendor” to “Vendor Admin” so they can go in and manage their store and adventure listings

Mancation Tutorial 6 | Proofing & Finalizing a Vendor-Submitted Tour

Mancation Tutorial 7 | Tracing a Transaction From Purchase to Bank Deposit

Look how far we’ve come! Here we trace the whole process from purchase through to bank deposit and commission payment, detailing all Email and Dashboard Notifications for Customer/Vendor/Admin Along the Way

I acknowledge this is a repeat of the first video but that’s by design. See if you understand a lot more of the process now that you’ve viewed the initial videos. This is proof the site is where it needs to be. The sole outstanding detail is the bank verification with Paypal to clear up, which is noted at the appropriate point in the video.

Mancation Tutorial 8 | Viewing the Transaction Sequence From the Admin & Vendor Dashboards

Tracing the various steps of a transaction from the back-end

Note: This is a little less smooth than the previous demo because my card was declining for fraud, but I think it’s important to watch just for repetition of some of the concepts. There’s one part of this tutorial that might be minorly confusing and it’s the fact that since I couldn’t push a new transaction through because of the debit card fraud warning, I went in and marked a completed order as “processing” and then picked up there to show you the rest of the process. As stated, the previous tutorial is a cleaner, more fluid example but go ahead and watch both just so it all soaks in.

Mancation Updates

№1 : Trip Expiration

Q: How and when does a trip expire? Where does the money go once it does expire? In our terms we allow them to use a portion of the money towards any trip in the future. Is this possible? Please review our FAQ’s which I have attached and let me know if we need to change any of them or add more detail?
A: Once the barcode is generated, it’s not as if 6 months from then the barcode won’t scan. The money goes to Mancation as soon as they purchase it and stays there permanently until a vendor scans the barcode, at which point funds would move to them at the next payout on the biweekly (or monthly) commission schedule.
So as to “where the money goes” if not redeemed after ___ period of time, it just stays with you. If we want to notify them of expiration, we could install a plugin for follow-up emails (i.e. that is set to send an email ___ many days after an order, saying, if you haven’t redeemed the voucher: ____________ … and provides instructions that they should shoot you an email, at which point you could validate the order is still processing and not completed, and create a “coupon” with a promo code that gives them ___ dollars off a subsequent purchase. If this is how we are going to do it, I would also need to create a tutorial for how you can create promo codes.
6 Month Expiration Warning
12 Month Expiration Notice

№2 : Explaining to Customer the meaning of “Order Processing”

Q: Can you change the “Processing” word on members and vendors page/voucher? If they don’t understand it is only in “Process” because the vouchers have not been redeemed it would cause confusion. Maybe even a small sentence describing that all trips are in process until the voucher is redeemed by both member and vendor.
A: “Processing” and “Completed” and “Pending Payment” are terms that are foundational to the store functioning properly so I can’t alter the word. What I could do to address the concern is add a block of text to the initial email that goes out to the vendor and to the customer after a purchase that details that their order is “processing” and what precisely that means … i.e. explain to the customer that they have been charged, but their order isnt regarded as complete until the vendor scans their voucher … and explain to the vendor that “processing” means that the customer bought the voucher but they won’t be eligible to receive their commission payment until they scan it, thus marking the order complete.
Order Processing Explanation Sent to Customer

№3 : Modification of Search Filters to Replace Budget with State

Q: I thought we discussed having 4 search bars the 4th being the state? If we can only have 3 I would prefer the “Category” be taken out and the state put in.
A: This is quick subcontractor work. I’ll do after we agree to payment terms

№4 : Instructing Customer to Print the Email

Q: I didn’t see a “Print” button on any of the vouchers. Is there a way to add an easy print button and to clarify they must have voucher printed in order to redeem with vendor? This will cut down on miscommunication for any hiccups from vendors and members in the future.
A: Best we can do here is add text to the customer email at the top providing explicit instructions that this email is their voucher and they should print it to redeem.

Subject and heading of first email received by customer post-purchase has been updated to the below.

The text in the email has been updated to the below:

This email is your voucher. Please print this email and bring it along with you the day you intend to redeem it, as the tour guide will need to scan the voucher for you to be able to use it.
Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:
[order details]

5.) If a vendor makes changes to an already approved excursion will I be notified to approve the trip again? for example if they go back in to adjust pricing I don’t want them to change the percent. Also, please get rid of the word “Optional” when entering the prices for a vendors trip. We’ll need them to do that and I don’t want them to skip this step.

№6 : Instructing Customer to Print the Email

Q: Under the vendor tour sign up price it should read something like “This is wholesale cost” . and then under Discount Price it should read “Mancation Now discounted member price” so theres no confusion on what they should list for prices.
A: See corrected below

Tutorial Update : Updated Vendor Dashboard

Tutorial Update : Export Users/Orders/Customers to Spreadsheet

Tutorial Update : Issuing Order Refunds, Altering Order Status

Tutorial Update : Deleting Users … either Customer or Vendor

Tutorial Update : Promo Codes & Store Credits

Specifically demonstrating how to create the B2B discount code for partners and how to issue store credit to people whose vouchers expired.

Update: Commission payouts function perfectly, as intended, now that your bank account is set up.

Changing Commission

Mailchimp Vendor Outreach