Vendor Registration Form

Gathers the company-level basics. They don’t input any tour information beyond a company overview here because that is done in the “Tours > Add New” panel of the Vendor Dashboard after Josh, the admin, approves the pending vendor and they become a certified vendor admin — giving them access to all the above-mentioned features.

Josh, the admin, approves the vendors before they have access to their dashboard, to add tours, etc.

Simply changes their status from “Pending Vendor” to “Vendor Admin” in the users tab of Josh’s admin dashboard

Vendors Customizing Their Company Info After Approval

After registering and Josh, the admin approving, vendors can login using the information sent to their email. If they click “My Account” they see this view below, which is their view as a vendor-customer. They can add a payment method for when they book trips through peer vendors, view their orders, etc. To access their Vendor Dashboard for vendor-seller related information, they just click the gray Vendor Dashboard button below.

“My Account” View for Vendors (for when vendors want to be customers of other vendors)

“Back-End” Vendor Dashboard for Vendors (for when they want to manage their listed tours and company information)

Note, the vendor dashboard has only a few tabs on the left — as it should. They can see their orders, view how many times their adventures have been viewed, add/edit their tours, and edit their store settings.

“Store Settings” Tab in Vendor Dashboard

The “store settings” is where they add their more detailed company-level info after they are approved as a vendor. They add their logo and cover photo, fill out a short text profile, input their main contact email, and the email paired with their PayPal which is how they are automatically cut commissions. The commission bar is gray’d out because they don’t have access to modify their own commission, naturally.

Josh, the admin, has access to edit everything all information about the Vendor Companies, whereas they have limited access, as you can see Josh’s extended ability to edit the Vendor Company information here:

“Reports Tab” in Vendor Dashboard

Shows the vendors how many sales they have for their tours, how many purchases they’ve made as consumers, how much they’re set to receive in commission payments, etc.

“Orders Tab” in Vendor Dashboard

Shows the vendors all the purchases of their tours by mancation members and if those vouchers have already been redeemed or not, if they’ve already been paid or not, etc.

“Tours Tab” in Vendor Dashboard

Here’s where they can Add New Tours (which then must be approved by Josh, the admin, to go live) and Edit Tours (i.e. make modifications to the info/images of the tours which have already been approved and are live in the marketplace)

Here is what Vendors see when they click “Add New Tour”. The blue tooltips guide them through the process.

Josh, the admin, then approves the tours, and does one extra step: Creates a “product” that matches the name and price of the tour, and links the product to the tour.

About midway down the page below you see “Booking Method” and “Woocommerce Product.” Josh, the admin, just always (1) sets Booking Method to Woocommerce (2) quick creates a Woocommerce product by Creating a new product, specifying the vendor, the price, the feature image … and (3) selects the same-name product in the “Woocommerce Product” field right below “Booking Method” in the screenshot below

Here is what the individual tours look like to the consumers after they go live.

then fine tune their profile by adding a logo, a cover image, etc in their “Store Settings” panel of the Vendor Dashboard.

Naturally, Josh the admin has full access to edit anything and everything he wants about all the approved vendors.

Email received by Josh, the admin, when a new vendor registers.

Josh then must approve the vendor for them to change status from “pending vendor” to “vendor admin”, which in turn allows them the ability to login, access their dashboard, update their profile, and add/edit their tours.

Email received by the vendor after they register but before they are approved by Josh, the admin

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