The Sky from the Backyard in my New Home in Florida.

In the Clouds

Not long after turning 30, I began feeling as if I had been tied to the ground. Stuck with my eyes on the dirt, getting lost in reality; allowing reality to be too influential in my head and leaking deep into my soul. I was looking to impact the reality of others around me in a positive way but somewhere along the way I got lost. I didn’t completely realize it but I had become miserable and I was in deep denial about it.

My life had not always been like this, I remember in my twenties feeling more happy, confident, and successful. I had a reputation for doing things differently, dreaming bigger, having a wild imagination, and looking at the world through “rose-colored glass.” My head and my eyes were focused more “in the clouds,” and less in reality.

When an immigrant makes their way to a new country, they bring with them the culture and traditions of the place they’ve left behind, but after time passes, traditions begin to shift, causing them to slowly walk away from the cultural traditions of their former home and conform to the traditions of the culture that surround them day in and day out. Similarly, I’ve been forsaking the traditions and lifestyle of my home. I forgot that in this reality I’m just a resident alien, not meant to have my feet firmly planted on the ground, but instead my head, my heart, and my eyes are meant for the clouds. I’ve lost myself in a world that is not my home and due to this loss of heritage, I have also lost what once made me oddly successful, the divine imagination I get from my Father “in the clouds.”

Now, I’m not advocating that we deny reality and live in some dream world as an escape, but that we are created for another reality and meant to bring that reality into this one and in order to do that we must spend time with our heads “in the clouds.” Divine Imagination comes from time spent with the Father, and our job is to bring that imagination to earth, showing our fellow men and women that there is a better way to live, “on earth as it ‘in the clouds.”