Social Media Is For Listening

How we use social media to develop products

Businesses have two ways to communicate with customers: talking or listening.

The world’s most valuable brands, 1-10 and 90-100, and their relative rank by number of followers on Twitter. The Twitter top 100 consists of celebrities, other social media and news outlets —not businesses selling products and general services. Sources: Interbrand, TwitterCounter
Los Angeles, February 11, 2011. The social media-inspired white board that led to Belkin’s “WeMo” products
A user demonstrates a home automation system on YouTube
Belkin Conserve Power Switch, designed by Michael Wick after analyzing social media
Barnacules’ Nerdgasm” — one of many “unboxing videos” available on social media. Barnacules, real name Jerry Berg, shows how to configure the product, and also demonstrates a great application: making sure his Internet connection never crashes
Source: If This,Then That

Called a thing the Internet of Things. Wrote How to Fly a Horse—The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery, available at

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