Beauty & the Soul

“There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.” — Joseph Addison

Picture the most amazing sunrise, a waterfall coursing over a cliff, or the night sky being lit by millions of stars. Your mouth is open wide taking in the splendors of the world right down into your soul.

That is the kind of reaction you want to have with your art. You want to be able to grab the viewer and make them think “Wow”.

No one knows better than an artist the type of impact a beautiful scene, sculpture, song, or performance can have on a person. After all, what else could have driven us to create like we do? There is something inside of us that makes us want to share the beauty of the world with others.

If our art can change the course of someone’s life, it will be worth all those long hours toiling over our work. That is why we need to get our work in front of anyone who might be affected by it. My challenge to you is to go out there and have your work touch someone’s soul.

This was originally posted on Marketing Your Art the Right Way.

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