Why EDM is not growing.

Personally I used to love electro house, with the likes of Hardwell, Nicky Romero and many more.

It was roughly around the time I first heard Zero 76 by Hardwell & Tiesto I got a real enjoyment from EDM, then once I heard Spaceman I started looking more in to it and different producers making similar types of music.

Now, this has been the case up until around last year, I used to go through soundcloud, beatport ect.

I used to browse through all the tracks on beatport and would love around 8 every 10 tracks shown, it really got me going, the majority of these tracks would be bought and I would use these tracks when making mixes.

However, I would say it was ever since Martin Garrix came out with the tracks ‘Animals’ and ‘Wizard’ that all the tracks on beatport started to sound EXACTLY the same in my opinion, it started forcing producers to start making ‘Big Room House’ to try compete with the likes of Martin Garrix. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a few of his tracks but now everyone is just wanting to replicate the success of Animals for themselves.

I’m going to link a few examples of what is happening to Electro House today, these tracks linked are all from youtube and classed as ‘Electro house’.

I really don’t know what I would class this as……

this is the standard music is going to, I mean of course this is only my opinion, but surely you can’t be excited about new music coming out anymore, there is just nothing that really gets me excited anymore.

And just since we are on the subject, I heard a song by ‘KSI’ on the radio today, yes, KSI, this is the problem, radio stations are giving plays to people just because they already have a big fan base from doing something else even though I can easily say it is the worst song I have ever heard, literally, the is 2 ‘Verses’ if you can even call them that and they are both EXACTLY the same, the first half is EXACTLY the same as the second half, no excitement, no change, have a listen.

Now, I know this has nothing to do with ‘EDM’ but I just can’t believe how bad this is.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject.