Living in Community: My 5-year Experience

Kundalini Yoga Community in Massachusetts

For the last 5 years of my life I have lived in community. Now, I do not want to live any other way.

Sure, I will always have my wife and my son, and we have formed our own little community, but what I am talking about is living with at least 10 other people who share similar goals and values.

The benefits of living in community are multifold. First, you have others around you who you know you can trust and who care about you. It is very important these days to feel supported and to have people you can turn to when the going gets tough.

There were many times when we needed some help and a community member was available to jump in and lend a hand. For example, when my wife’s water broke, there were two doctors in the community who drove her to the hospital. After the baby was born, another member of the community made her special meals and teas to help her recover faster.

In a spiritual community, the support often goes deeper, as you are there to help each other through some very challenging transitions associated with spiritual growth.

The small things are nice too. Leaving to go to the store you might bump into your neighbor, but small talk is always so much more because you have developed such a deep bond with the people around you. If someone in my community had asked me how I am doing, they actually meant it- they were always genuinely curious about how I am doing, and vice versa.

The one thing I am looking to incorporate more of in my future community life is a deeper connection with the earth. I think the earth is a powerful builder of relationships and could help build a closer bond within a community.

One of the things that all human beings have in common is that we live upon the earth and depend its resources for our survival.

Farming our own food and growing beautiful gardens is an exercise in community building, by connecting us through our primal needs.

I think we need to build beautiful communities all around the world in order to connect more deeply with the earth, each other and what it means to be a human being. These micro communities can then form connections, and a macro vision for sustainable human existence can organically begin to unfold.

The times were are living in require creativity, action and a vision that can look out many generations into the future. I think every person who is alive is extremely important, and a community should allow all individual potential to flourish.

Every person alive has the opportunity to leave an impact on the world. Technology makes this so. The question is:

Are you living a life that is creating an impact and that is in-line with the evolutionary trajectory of this planet?