WRDSMTH Street Art. Photograph by hah!

3 Steps To Becoming a Creative Genius

HINT: I’m not a Creative Genius. I love the act of making something, be it through thought experiments or crafting with my hands, I LOVE the act of creating. For a good portion of my life I put Creative Genius on a pedestal. These people to whom I looked up, who I was in awe of always seemed to have some skill I did not possess, nor could wrap my mind around; until now. This “skill” turns out to be a passion for the very creativity that a Creative Genius expresses.

Consciously or unconsciously, Creative Genius comes from a mixture of hard work, circumstance and genetics. You might be genetically predisopsed to playing piano better than your friend (because you have larger hands, or a perfect pitch hearing ear) but even if you do not possess this X-MEN like power, following the steps below and working diligently over time can lead you into the hallowed halls of Creative Genius-dom.

  1. CONSUME EVERYTHING. Consume it all. Find that thing you love and let it envelope you. Go to it every day. Spend every second you can on experiencing it. Inhale it. Breathe it in. Enjoy it. Hate it. Love it. Like it. Don’t give it up. When you’ve consumed it all, when there is not a morsel left to consume, you are now ready to start your journey to becoming a Creative Genius. You have the background now. You have the knowledge of the thing you love and where it stands. You’ve inhaled every last breath of it available to breathe and the ONLY way to get more of it is to create more of it yourself. Now you have spent all of your time until now consuming. You do not know the first thing to creating your own version of this thing that you love. So…
  2. STUDY THE CRAFT. You already have a head start over your competition (HINT: there is ZERO competition, you are only competing with yourself). You have a knowledge base that is steeped in relevancy, you’ve consumed it all. You have intrinsic knowledge of what you like and what you do not like about this thing you love. Take this knowledge and add newly learned skills in the practical aspects of creating that which you love. Now you have intrinsic knowledge (based in relevancy) and a grasp of the Craft of Creation of what you love. So…
  3. STEAL INGREDIENTS AND MIX. Use your knowledge base of EVERYTHING that came before you (before your version of what you love) take different parts of the EVERYTHING (these are your ingredients) mash these ingredients together (using your grasp of the craft) and the result will be stupendously “new” and “ingenuitive”. The more ingredients you use that are complimentary (be it congruent or clashing) the more “new” your version will feel. In the same way that you can not throw just any type of color together and hope to get a painting that is appealing, a painting that is “new” (you will most likely end up with a mash of gross brown or grey) only with the knowledge base you have acquired through hours of exploring the content you love (both through reasearch and practicing the craft) will you know which ingredients, colors, pieces are congruent, which pieces are the antithesis of each other and what this all means to you and your taste which leads to the aesthtics and the quality of your creation of something “new”, of being a Creative Genius.

Easy right?

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Keep creating. And NEVER, EVER give up.