Thoughts on the future of the Sanders’ movement

The DNC is over and the party of FDR has selected Hillary Clinton as their candidate. The impressive insurgency of Senator Bernie Sanders has been put down and assimilated. We are all under the same tent now, at least to defeat Trump. This is politics after all, and short-term alliances are nothing new. However, we on the left must not forget that HRC is still the second worst candidate in this election, and should be hounded every day of her administration. The Clintons and their ilk are democratic heresiarchs who have wrought generational damage to the progressive cause of the last generation. In the interest of competing for the same Wall Street donors that their rivals across the aisle utilized they betrayed the welfare state. Furthermore, in Clintonian triangulation they escalated to police to a quasi-wartime footing. A lot of this has been elided by a complacent media as well as the disaster of the subsequent Bush II administration.

I believe that, going forward, the Sanderistas should steal a play from NATO’s Cold War playbook and engage in a political version of Operation Gladio (Operation Gladio was a NATO project that entailed training a secret or “stay behind” army in continental Europe in anticipation of a successful Soviet invasion, the better to facilitate a subsequent insurgency). The Red( Arroy) Army has overrun the Democratic Party, and all true progressives must now go underground, to resurface after the election, and agitate for the Sanders’ platform.