You’re Doing It Wrong
Alex Balk

This article is yet another example of ideas that a lot of people have, that are incorrect. Many are based on facts which turned out to be copied from somewhere unreliable. These facts were probably copied wrong, and were also not true to begin with because they aren’t actually facts. For example, what you say about the early Internet. Which isn’t necessarily true, because I was there. Also, you can verify what I’m saying by just looking it up on the current Internet, meaning you could Google it, unless your Google only shows you Internet sites of people who also have the same wrong ideas as yourself, in which case you could try clicking on the ‘Globe’ icon.

Which is why I’m writing this here, in the comment section of this social medium: to raise the awareness of you and others that the ideas you have are untrue, bad, biased or incorrect. (This incidentally makes YOU bad and all those other things as well, although it’s possible that your badness came before your ideas, but I’m not going to attack you as a person right now, although I probably will later.) Also it’s not like you ‘came up’ with these ideas all on your own. You probably heard them somewhere, and decided to believe them, which makes them beliefs, though still wrong.

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce different ideas and beliefs that are much better than yours, meaning they are true, and based on better which is to say actual facts. I’ll continue bringing in more of my better, actual facts, as well as additional ideas, in subsequent replies to other people’s replies, if any. Then, because that isn’t working, I’ll just compare your ideas to things which everyone knows are wrong. Like, I’ll compare them to things that are toxic, or have a bad smell, or both, or to people ideas and beliefs from history which everybody today knows were evil. Well, most everybody. I’ll keep using different comparisons and even puns to make my point.

If your response contains grammatical errors, like, for example, if you leave a comment telling me “No, YOU’RE ideas are wrong,” I might feel compelled to point those out to. I mean, too.

Eventually, you will be forced to acknowledge that all or most of your ideas are awful, and by extension you and all the people who share similar ideas, and beliefs, are awful. As for my ideas and and those of people who share similar ones, time will prove how right they are. I mean we are, and good. So even if no one is convinced here of anything new today, at least I will have bravely stood up for the truth that I know, that we all know, which is that all your ideas are wrong, and also facts.