Quicksand’s Employee Handbook

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One of the most endearing aspects of Quicksand is the openness of the studio spaces, both literally as we embrace open studio seating as well as with respect to how we engage with one another. …

Creating Quicksand’s Employee Handbook

Quicksand has experienced a lot of growth over the past several years and it continues today. We are continuing to add talented, inspired, and engaged colleagues to our ranks to join us on our journey and to challenge us to remain curious, avoid complacency, and champion a design-led approach into newer and more challenging contexts. (Pay a visit to our Recruiterbox page to check out current openings if you’re inclined to join the team!)

Growth for growth’s sake is never a good, or successful, idea. For us, it must be tempered by the shared mission and vision that Quicksand has been on and aligned to since inception. It’s what keeps us excited yet anxious, confident yet humble; we want to engage with the world around us in a meaningful way and make a positive difference in the lives of friends, both currently known and those yet to be met. …

moved to India in February 2012 in order to head up the manifold communications activities for Project Sammaan, an initiative born out of a year-long ethnographic study of sanitation practices and habits of those in India’s urban slums and seeking to holistically reimagine the user experience at community sanitation facilities. …


Kevin Shane

Principal & #Commmunications Lead at Quicksand. American living the dream in India. Interested in design, innovation, human rights, travel, and whiskey.

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