The education system Africa needs…
Femi Longe

Fascinating discussion, Femi, that I would love to contribute to but confess to personal fears of inadequacy and hypocrisy. It’s difficult to engage as someone from the very culture that helped initiate the colonial structure embedded within the political and educational systems throughout Africa. As a white Canadian married to a Kenyan, however, I have a deep desire to push through my fears and reach out anyway.

To your thoughtful exploration from an educational perspective, I’d add a political economy approach from a communications perspective: how does one encourage open discussion in the local community; how do you effectively challenge a structure that contains such disparity in power and finances; can critical thought and media-savvy skills be communicated and encouraged creatively through the current forms of communication? I think potential answers can be found in ‘story’ and the art of storytelling — activities you’re so actively engaged in. I wish you much luck in that uphill battle!

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