Inner Circle Motivation

Life is a place where many want to see you succeed as well as seeing you fail. Therefore, building a your circle of trust can be the best alternative. A circle of trust is a group of people that want to see you win and prosper as a person. This can be family, friends and mentors. The world is too big to be able to conquer it all alone. We as humans need a companion or a support group to keep us focus and motivated throughout tough times.

After reading a blog post called “3 Types of People You Need In Your Circle To Be Successful” by Jacqueline Walker she pointed out many valid points. This blog post summarizes the different people you need to start taking into consideration to be successful as a person. The first type of person that she started out with was the Communication Expert. To summarize this type of person, Walker basically stated you need a person who will market your skills to build a better connection as a person. Not only will this person help you achieve networks but it will build stronger bonds within the a field you are willing to be part of from receiving reference and support from each other.

No man is an island. No man stands alone.”
-Jacqueline Walker

The second type of people Walker specified was the Contingency Specialist. She states that these type of people are the ones to keep you motivated throughput tough times. They always seek on fixing mistakes as well as getting back on track. To add on, these type of people are the type to have a ton of faith in a person when they are doubting themselves. One example of a action that a contingency specialist can do is motivate you when things don’t turn out to be how you wanted turn out or even failing something. Contingency Specialist tend to be fearless of failing and are always prepared and confident of their work.

“Contingency Specialist lives by faith and soars with confidence”- Jacqueline Walker

The last characteristic that Walker described was The Do-Anything Professional. She describes these type of people as a very discipline when it comes to work. She pointed out how every task no matter how insignificant it is, should be completed on time and accurately. These type of people will work through task and would have positive results due to their commitment on their work. This can translate to your lifestyle by just seeing how a person with this type of discipline can achieve so much resulting on motivation to push forward harder materials.

“They will work vigorously on every task to get the end result you desire, displaying their loyalty and willingness to support your dreams and goals”- Jacqueline Walker

Inner circle is a huge aspect for me as a person. I’ve taken into account on my decision making on relationship that benefit me, rather than slow me down as a person. Lately, I’ve been socializing with people that share the same amount of interest with me from school work as well as the initiative to strive and become better as a person. I have gotten better with this skill because lately I have finished many of my task on time and had some leisure time to focus on myself.


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