Soft Skill: Self Motivation

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”Stephen Richards.

Self motivation is a huge aspect for me as an individual. My name is Kevin Almonte. I am a student at the University at Buffalo. Life as a college can be a bit difficult for many from school and balancing school work. As a person, I like to keep myself concentrated by constantly reminding myself why I work for certain things. Currently, I am working on a huge milestone in my life and is graduating from college with my Bachelors Degree. Self motivation takes a big toll in this huge milestone. College is a different environment for many people. It is a huge step to independence and taking responsibility towards your life. Managing school work and social activities can be very stressful and time consuming resulting in the urge in wanting to slack of. It’s very easy to find distractions and lose concentration towards your school work, especially when many of the college material is very challenging. As a person, I keep myself motivated by talking to others about my success. Having these conversations with other gives me a boost of confidence and the urge to do better. As a student, one example of me utilizing self confidence was in one of my hard classes which was Calculus. I started at a slow paste taking too long adapting to this type of math. My midterm grade resulting being a D+. I talked to many of my family and friends about my dilemma, I took many of their advises giving me the boost of confidence I needed to conquer this problem. I motivated myself to reach out for help for the material and set a schedule for tutoring resulting me passing my next test with an A. Not only did this improve my overall grade, it gave me confidence that I needed and still have the possibility to have a fairly good grade at the end of the semester. I ended with the grade of C+ in the class, it wasn’t the best grade but it showed how I was still able to come up instead of letting that midterm grade keep me in a all time low. A piece of advice to those who feel discouraged in school or anything, don’t let one mistake keep you down, if you are focus on yourself and goals you’ll be able to conquer anything you really want.

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