Portfolios — There’s Never a Best Way

Logical Site Map (Top Level)

After doing some research and introspection, I’ve decided to develop an online portfolio. This is not to say that I haven’t done this before. However, this time I’m denying some of my reservations and going ahead determinedly

I hope that this project will be a learning one both for myself and any one who comes across this project

Portfolio Goals

  1. Become more technically proficient before the year-end December 2016
  2. Contribute to the growing pool of digital Caribbean content

Technical Proficiency

This would involve gaining mastery of digital web technologies and honing my narrative style

Caribbean Digital Content

As I build out my body of work and research interests I hope to unearth technology solutions for local and Caribbean challenges. In sharing my work and my thought process, I hope to provide a practical example for other aspiring Caribbean students

But Why?

I chose the format and this medium (pun intended)because I’ve recognized some facts:

  1. A portfolio aligns with my preference for case study learning
  2. While I’m pretty okay at systematic, process-oriented thinking there’s always room for improvement
  3. I’m predisposed to wanting to help others (I alluded to this in my goals). So I hope that I can encourage and empower you to agitate — do something different
  4. My passions are varied and so no one resume can capture the breadth of my interests and skills

How Do I Plan On Getting You to See This?

I’m active on a number of social networks in varying degrees. I’m also seeking out career advancing opportunities.

My guess is that you know me or you discovered me from one of these two pursuits.

It’s a reasonable hypothesis to be sure. But as I neither have nor do I intend owning a crystal ball I’ll take this opportunity to ask

How did I catch your attention?
If you’ve seen my profile pics you’ll know that this isn’t me … but there’s a strikingly close resemblance

I’m genuinely interested to know. You can leave a comment on this story. Alternatively, you can ask for my email or WhatsApp and we can chat separately.