Immigration Piece.

Is anyone conversant with the section in the 2012 Immigration Act re spouse visas?

You might be surprised to know that UK citizens cannot have their non-EU spouses live with them in the UK unless they, the UK citizen, referred to nastily as the sponsor, earns at least £18, 600 pa or has savings of £62,500pa. How many of you reading this could satisfy that requirement?

Now, my own case, and not the worst by any stretch. I’m 63, a retired teacher and I was living my life in early retirement with a small teachers’ pension and some savings. No worries! Then, out of the blue I met a woman from Argentina, an English teacher and well, yes, we fell in love. I was horrified when I read the rules. Mrs May claims it is not to do with protecting the welfare budget in this case, it’s more a question of just selecting those in the higher income groups who will more easily integrate into society. Explain that to me please? Most officials backtrack and say it is indeed to protect the welfare budget.So, what was wrong with the old rules? My wife would have her passport stamped with “ no recourse to public funds”we could not claim benefits. Not that I’d want to even if entitled, the bureaucracy and questioning is almost sub-human in my experience ( 17 years working for Citizens Advice).

The whole policy is deeply discriminatory and offensive. How can it be ok for an EU citizen to enter the UK with a non-EU spouse and work, live,unhindered, no visa fees, no language test? How is it ok for the much publicised refugees/economic migrants to come here and have housing provided, full access to education, health and be able to work and the latest, be given lessons ( free of course, on learning the culture and language. My wife speaks fluent English, she has an English Language degree and has taught the subject for over 20 years. If the UK allowed her to work, she would be only too pleased to make her contribution. If not, we live a quiet life without accessing welfare benefits.

I have written to my MP 5 times, got nowhere. Theresa May, 5 times, zilch, not even the courtesy of an acknowledement. The Home Office generally, nothing. MEPs, nothing, other MPs, nothing. What is the purpose of a so called democracy if our elected reps don’t answer.

I could continue but I really feel that nobody is listening.

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