Integrating GitBook with JSDoc to Document Your Open Source Project

Kevin Bridges
Apr 12, 2017 · 13 min read

At a Glance


{project-root}/package.json ... various npm scripts, INCLUDING docs generationbook.json   ... GitBook configurationsrc/        ... project source code (jsdoc2md scan root)
*.js ... embedded JSDoc comments defining my API
docs/ ... master source of my GitBook project documentation . the summary TOC (seen in the left nav) . the Guide Introduction . machine generated API docs (from jsdoc2md)
*.md . various Markdown files making up our docs
sectionN/ ... optional docs dirs (as required)
tooling/ ... various project build utils (scripts/config/etc.)
docs/ ... docs related
jsdoc.json . jsdoc2md configuration (for ES6 features)
*.hbs . jsdoc2md template overrides (handlebars)
_book/ ... machine generated docs (output of GitBook)

Docs Related Dev Dependencies

$ npm install --save-dev gitbook-cli
$ npm install --save-dev jsdoc-to-markdown
$ npm install --save-dev jsdoc-babel
$ npm install --save-dev babel-preset-es2015
"plugins": ["node_modules/jsdoc-babel"],
"babel": {
"presets": [ "es2015" ]

Basic GitBook Template

book.json (GitBook configuration)
"gitbook": "3.2.2",
"root": "./docs",
"structure": {
"readme": "",
"summary": ""
docs/ (defines the left-nav)
# Table of content
* [Getting Started](
* [API Reference]( (docs introduction)
# astx-redux-util
The is our **introduction** to astx-redux-util. Here are some references to the [Getting Started](
and [API]( (our getting started)
# Getting Started
This is the **Getting Started** section. Here are some references to the [Introduction](
and [API](

Docs Related NPM Scripts

"docs:api": "jsdoc2md --configure tooling/docs/jsdoc.json --files src/**/*.js > docs/"
"docs:prepare": "gitbook install"
"docs:build": "npm run docs:prepare && npm run docs:api && gitbook build"
"docs:serve": "npm run docs:prepare && npm run docs:api && gitbook serve"
"docs:clean": "rimraf _book"

Visualize Your Docs

$ npm run docs:prepare # run once (to initialize gitbook)
$ npm run docs:serve

Customizing jsdoc2md

Overriding jsdoc2md Output

$ cd node_modules/dmd$ find . | grep hbspartials/all-docs/all-docs.hbs
... snip snip
partials/main.hbs ... THE STARTING POINT
... snip snip
$ jsdoc2md --partial tooling/docs/<file>.hbs ...other-ops

Indexing the API from GitBook

* [API Reference](
* [conditionalReducer](
* [joinReducers](
* [reducerHash](

Improve API Headers

Make API Types Linkable

**Returns**: <code>[reducerFn](#reducerFn)</code> - snip snip
**Returns**: [`reducerFn`](#reducerFn) - snip snip

Minor API Adjustments

Customizing GitBook

Book Styling

/* slim left-nav width (was: 300px) */
.book-summary {
width: 250px;
.book.with-summary .book-body {
left: 250px;
/* condense left-nav spacing (was: 10px 15px) */
.book-summary ul.summary li a, .book-summary ul.summary li span {
padding: 5px 15px;
/* condense line-spacing */
.markdown-section {
line-height: 1.4; /* overall line-spacing (was: 1.7) */
.markdown-section pre {
line-height: 1.2; /* code-snippet line-spacing (was: 1.7) */
padding: .5em; /* also reduce padding around code block (was: .85em 1em) */

Toolbar Adjustments

plugins": [ "-sharing"],
"pluginsConfig": {
"sharing": {
"facebook": false,
"twitter": false,
"google": false,
"weibo": false,
"instapaper": false,
"vk": false,
"all": ["twitter", "facebook", "google"]
"plugins": ["toolbar"],
"pluginsConfig": {
"toolbar": {
"buttons": [
"label": "GitHub",
"icon": "fa fa-github",
"url": ""
"label": "NPM",
"icon": "fa fa-bullseye",
"url": ""

Template Links

"variables": { 
"guide": {
"intro": "[Introduction](/",
"start": "[Getting Started](/"
"api": {
"ref": "[API Reference](/",
"conditionalReducer": "[`conditionalReducer()`](/",
"joinReducers": "[`joinReducers()`](/",
"reducerHash": "[`reducerHash()`](/"
Here are some references to the {{}}
and {{book.api.reducerHash}}.
Here are some references to the [Getting Started](/
and [`reducerHash()`](/

Project Name and Version

### astx-redux-util (1.0.0)

Disable Live Reloading
plugins": [ "-livereload"],


  "scripts": {
"docs:publish": "gh-pages --dist _book"

Final Result

Kevin Bridges

Written by

A “current” developer from a different era (70’s UMR alum) … from the greater St. Louis area (Metro East) …

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