A “savior” owner doesn’t change the facts on the ground.
nathan michael

I love the ringer, but Nathan Michael just showed Claire McNear up. Informed, logical writing instead of high-level barstool chatter.

It seems that every few years, some writer and a gaggle of internet commenters allege the A’s owners “don’t even want to win.” And then the A’s go and win for several years in a row, presumably against the owners’ wishes, only to fall back again because they don’t make any money as the Bay Area’s red-headed stepchild franchise. So you list the team’s payroll without any context, like, say, they spend a higher % of revenue on payroll than the Yankees do. Remember when they signed Adrian Beltre to the biggest contract in team history? Oh, right. They offered. He turned them down.

Not only has this ownership group committed to financing a ballpark all by themselves, they’ve entered into contracts on two separate sites to develop one. They also developed a stadium for the MLS team in the region. Hard to say they don’t want to invest.

There’s also plenty of analysis out there — google is your friend — about the JLS site in question, Howard Terminal, with incredibly specific detail about the costs associated with developing the site.

Joe Lacob loved a site on a Pier in SF until he didn’t. He had drawings and a projected opening date and everything! And then he adjusted to a different site a mile south. That’s not an option in Oakland.

The real estate developer who owns the A’s and wants to build them a stadium doesn’t think Howard Terminal is feasible. Publicly available information seems to support that point. Why is it so hard to believe him?

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