A New Start? or is it starting over?

Two weeks shy of 56, about to be foreclosed on by the IRS, in the process of divorcing and having to move into someone else’s house (and pay rent) and starting with $0.

I guess it’s a new start

So, I’ve become what I call a Gig worker. I’ll do any job, as long as there is no commitment and I’ll never feel guilty if I walk away.

So I drive for all the Amazon (Prime, Fresh and Restaurants), I drive for Postmate’s, I walk dogs (both for Wag and on my own).

See, I’m motivated and broke.

It’s as friendly as a divorce can be but as she said, there needs to be some repercussions.

Don’t get me wrong, I fucked up. No infidelity, but then again not much honesty. It wasn’t a surprise when she said the words.

So, now, I look forward and not behind. I have some goals, mainly to start my own business. However, while I do that I need to earn some money. I live in one of the most expensive areas in the nation and no I won’t move away as I like being a dad and will keep that up.

So my goal is to earn $167 a day ($1000 a week with one day off) and build this business.

I’ve also decided to share the journey. People say that writing helps. I’ll find that out.

It’s 5 pm, I’m moving into my new place in 45 minutes and I still have to earn $11 to make the day complete.

I forgot to mention. I practice gratitude. I look at the things that happen to me and find ways to be grateful. I’m the Dalai Lama of Gratitude.

Gratitude changes Attitudes

Today I’m grateful for all the free WiFi in the world so I can write this nearly anywhere.

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