Best Marketing Lesson

I went to my barber last night to get a haircut. He’s the classic barber, you know, old friendly nice-to-talk kinda guy, and when I arrived the place I noticed something new, he opened a small cantina food place aside the barbershop.

I took a look to the small menu and everything sounded delicious, and while getting the haircut we talked about it.

I told him I was glad about him and that how was he doing with that new small cantina food, and he told me that he always loved cooking, and that so he started “low profile” with his kid’s help a month ago with , with just a couple of options to offer the people getting the haircut (tacos and “empanadas”) and people started to like his dishes.

I decided to give it a shot, so I got the meatloaf burger, and OMG, I can tell it was great, fresh, homemade, big and at fair price, and while eating it, 5 more people came to buy stuff, they were on fire!

I asked him “How are you selling yourself? Clearly, you are doing it great!” — and his answer was “Yes, i’m investing in marketing”.

“Are you paying ads on Facebook ? Or have a website ? or printed ads”- I asked, and his answer was the lesson I’d like to share, he said “No, i’m just enjoying making the best food I can, that’s all I do. Every unit I sell is made with love, and giving the best to people is the best marketing, they’ll tell their friends and family. If I pay Facebook ads, the people that will come won’t do it for the why, just for the food, you know, the price or the size”.

This came to me like a cold bucket of water right on the face. All I was thinking of was digital marketing, payed marketing, a website, an app. But the real marketing is about this: It’s about the people.

Your customers are people, your clients are people, your employees are people.

If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. — Simon Sinek.

He started with just a little menu, a couple of options, but those options were good, and helped him getting more people into it and growing his menu options. He mentioned he didn’t wanted to start with a big menu options without even knowing if people would like what he’s cooking, and he took the feedback from his first tacos, good and bad, to make new dishes.

Another lesson I got was, that hi is not sacrificing the product quality for the quantity. “If I pay for ads right now, I might get more customers, but I might not be able to continue delivering such a premium, homemade-fresh food.” — he said.

My lesson was: Start!, maybe slow, but start. Start with the little and get your very first customer’s feedback into consideration. If you start big, you might loose big. Finally, do not sacrifice the product quality just for a hype.

You might not even spend a penny on “marketing” if you do the right marketing, which is, do your why with passion, and people will notice it, and they will notice it more than an advertising, that will make the noise!!

Get up and DO!