A Journey to Seed Fundraising

Here it is! Almost a year after quitting my job at Google and launch Refer Me Please, it is finally time to say my team and I are finally ready to open our seed round and get investors on-board to bring Refer Me Please to the next level.

Fundraising is a mean to an end: being able to bring your startup where you want it to be in the next upcoming months/years and partner with people who believe in your vision and in yourself.

Refer me Please will be the market network built for job referrals, across all roles, levels and geographies.

When Refer Me Please launched with a simple MVP about a year ago, I did not know what to expect, how it would go and if it would still be live in a year time (“pros” of launching a startup I guess :-)).

For the past year, not only Refer Me Please has grown and is now a platform used by thousands of users (mainly in France, USA and UKI) but it also helped people secure a job in their dream company. And this is what matters to us.

I can now safely say we have a truly dedicated and complementary team, which helps us overcoming any roadbump we have along the road.

Few words about Refer Me Please team:

Maxime, CTO: Worked at BDO before joining Refer Me Please. He supported customers through data manipulation (IT forensics, data mining, data analysis…) Absolutely nothing he can’t do, he is the magician behind the website and technical developments. Holds a Master Degree in Operational Research from Paris Dauphine, an Engineering Diploma in Computer Science from EISTI and a Master in Financial Analysis from Grenoble School of Management

Julien, CFO: Worked at BDO too before joining Refer Me Please. He managed a team for International Financial Due Diligence and has experiences as financial analyst and controller. He dreams and eats numbers every day and he likes it. Almost impossible to challenge him on the financial side, holds a Master in International Financial Engineering from Skema Business School

Remi, Head of Business Development: Worked at Oracle before joining Refer Me Please as a Business Development representative. Networking has no secrets for him and if you find yourself in the same event as Remi, be sure he’ll try to know who you are and how you could work with him. Former student brand manager for Microsoft and founder of HR related Facebook & LinkedIn groups (+30000 users), he holds a Master of Science in International Business Development from ICN Business School.

Kevin, CEO: X-Googler working as an AdWords account manager for the french market and Google Analytics POC. Former Student Body president at Skema in France and the USA, holds a Master in Management from SKEMA BS and Master of Science in International Business.

Throughout this fundraising’s journey, I’ll share my experience as much as I can to help other fellow entrepreneurs who will go through the same experience. I won’t go into details tho, as some part will of course stay private.

See you in the next article!

If you want to get in touch and now more about Refer Me Please, send me an email to kevin(at)refer-me-please.com

If you’ve been through the same experience, do not hesitate to leave a comment and share your story!