How to land a job in a big tech company

So here you are, freshly graduate or with years of experiences under your belt and you’re dreaming about working at a big tech company such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn to name a few.

But with millions of CVs sent each year (for example, Google receives in average 2.5 million CVs/year), it is not easy to stand out of the crowd.

So how can you be the chosen one? The one who could say: I did it, I’m part of the 0.something % who got offered a job.

Here’s what you need to know about interviews in these companies and how to be selected.

First, your CV needs to land on the HRs desk or the hiring manager. What’s the best way to do that? Get referred. No kidding. You’ll boost your chance! Ask a friend, or use (shameless self-promotion).

About your CV. This one is the one that’s gonna get you to the prescreening. Yes, prescreening, be ready for 6 to 8 interviews in these companies.

Your CV needs to be simple and straightforward. But simple means a bit more than black and white, Times New Roman font. Put a bit of personal touch in it, it needs to reflect who you are.

Be specific about your accomplishments. Give numbers to prove your actions. For example, don’t just say: I was the community manager and I was in charge of all the social media platforms and I wrote articles. Tell them how many more followers you got, how much did you increase your user’s database, how did you have an impact on the sales and so on.

Congratulations, someone wants to call you to know more about you! You made it to the second step. Usually, HR are gonna call you first to screen you.

Let’s dig now into the interviews.

You should be tested on 3 domains:

Problem-solving skills: how do you think in any situations given

Cultural fit: would you fit to the company? Would your colleagues become your best friends?

Role Related Knowledge: what do you have that could help you master the job you’re applying for

Before you go to these interviews, practice, practice and practice. This is never something exciting to do, but it’s better to be prepared for any scenario. You should always have more than one answer for each questions.

When it comes to the famous question: What are your weaknesses, don’t, just don’t give any answers like: I’m perfectionist, I like to work a lot, etc… these questions mean nothing and they’ll literally shoot you in the face if you dare saying that.

Just be honest: say for example I’m bad at… but to improve my weakness, this is what I’m doing.

To bounce back on the referral part, if you have an interview thanks to someone who referred you, ask questions. He/she went through this before you and know exactly the do’s and don’ts.

Here some tips about How to land a job in a big tech company,if you have any questions, please shoot a message at and we will be happy to help you!