Best Movies For Lessons In Management
Steven Sinofsky

Not a movie but I like watching Deadliest Catch with an eye on the different leadership styles. Many times the ones who focus on telling everyone precisely what to do can perform well, but they cannot keep it up long. Then there are the yellers who cannot seem to get through one round of pots without being pissed off at just about everyone, usually leading to lackadaisical crew leading to more yelling. The ones who perform every year and have pretty much the same crew year after year are the ones who rarely yell, care more about the people and family first and are always looking for ways to have fun while on the grind. Mostly they lead by having a core set of principles that they will not violate no matter who is involved.

As far as movies, Lords of Discipline. Specifically the character “The Bear”. Great example of someone putting someone in charge of a project, having their back regardless of circumstances yet giving enough room for the person in charge to operate as they need to in real-time. One of my favorite all-time movies, too boot.

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