Commercial Real Estate Properties That Amaze

By definition, office buildings and similar commercial real estate property are designed to be functional and primarily to provide a working environment for managerial and administrative purposes. Commercial real estate transactions involve all non-residential properties, including stores, shopping centers, restaurants, industrial parks, office buildings, and hotels used for commercial, for-profit purposes. Commercial real estate is used in commerce, as the name implies. So, frequently, aesthetic is left by the wayside.

The decision to design bold and exciting commercial properties is a charmed one. Worker bees gain access to constructional works of art, likely to stimulate an abundance of productivity among the nest of employees dwelling within. More and more, many commercial architects are choosing to their more creative and innovative when it comes to fashioning these irreverent facilities. Read on to learn the names of some truly incredible facilities.

The Port House, Antwerp

Now serving 500 Port Authority employees, the Port House located in Antwerp is incredible, showcasing a 100-meter-long glass extension fixed atop a disused fire station. The site is described as “glazed surface that ripples like waves and reflects the changing tones and colors of the city’s sky.

White Mountain, Stockholm

Albert France-Lanord Architects designed an original structure when completing “white mountain.” Located 30 meters below the surface of Stockholm, Sweden, architects used granite rock as a ceiling throughout a large amount of the compound. Also, glass was heavily used, particularly when designing the suspended meeting rooms.

Google, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s Google office is playful and electric. The tech goliath occupies eight floors of the Electra Tower, where each level embraces a different theme. From floor to floor, workers encounter unusual and individualistic designs. Each level also has slides that accommodate adult bodies. Over in Sydney, Australia, Google’s offices are also notably cool. The cafeteria provides three square meals each day free of charge, and workers are provided ‘sleep pods’ for naps.

Selgas Cano, Madrid

Spanish architects Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano chose to build their office near the woods of Madrid. The spirited superstructure requires no artificial lighting due to the glass wall that runs along the side of the building. Built at ground level, there’s little need for cooling and heating, and employees are granted unreal views of the world from the forest’s floor.

Red Bull, Sydney

The popular energy drink for which the company is named isn’t the only thing that’s lively and adventurous. The workspace in Sydney, Australia is brought to life by F1 simulators, basketball courts, DJ decks, ping pong tables, basketball courts, game rooms, and even an indoor cricket pitch. There, the cans of Red Bull are always flowing, there’s a rooftop bar, and there’s an astroturf “hill” featured for the enjoyment of employees.

The Commons, Melbourne

The largest co-working space in Australia is the ‘The Commons’, which is a 1600-square-meter space. The truly breath-taking commercial space is fixed with a communal area, a green screen, a recording studio, 19 private offices, 96 shared desks, and much more, including a bar and a cafe. The indoor park and garden mark the ‘The Common’ as an uncommon place to work.

If you know the names of other beautiful commercial properties, please share the names of some of those locations.