Ding Dong, Harry Reid is Gone

Ding Dong Harry Reid is Gone!

The View from the Middle

For me, 2016 can’t come soon enough, and it has nothing to do with the Presidential elections. It’s because Harry Reid, the most divisive, dishonest, hypocritical person in Washington DC will be retiring. And when you are the most divisive, dishonest and hypocritical person in DC, that qualifies you for the title of “most despicable” person worldwide. In fact, the next Despicable Me animated movie may have to pay royalties to Dirty Harry.

So, you ask, what are his qualifications for this prestigious title? First, He lied to Congress and the American people when he said that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for ten years. This was certainly a distraction in the 2012 elections and may have cost Romney the Presidency. Now, he not only admits his lie, but he actually seems to be proud of it? To quote Dirty Harry, “Well, he didn’t get elected, did he?” I guess Harry is suggesting that lying and cheating are fine as long as HE get’s his way. Now that’s a lesson we want all of our children to learn, isn’t it? Maybe Harry should write children’s books for the soon to be incarcerated.

He’s also a world-class hypocrite. Before he was the Majority Leader in the Senate, the Republicans suggested changing the filibuster proof voting rule in the Senate (60 of 100 votes to pass a bill). Harry Reid screamed in agony and suggested that would be “the death of democracy” in the Senate. So what did Dirty Harry do when he became the Majority Leader? First, he used the reconciliation rule improperly to pass the most important legislation since Social Security, Obamacare. He then actually changed the Senate rules to allow a simple majority vote to confirm judicial appointees. I guess it’s only the death of democracy if someone else does it.

Finally, he is a top-notch bully and divider. He ran the Senate for six years to intentionally eliminate or at least minimize the voice of the minority party. He eliminated honest debate over huge issues and protected the President from having to choose between signing or vetoing bills by refusing to bring those bills up for votes. And just recently he was asked what he thought of the Republican candidates for President, to which he answered, “I don’t care, they’re all losers.” Now, doesn’t that sound like a guy who is willing to reach across the aisle and work for the good of the country? And this guy was the majority leader?

Now Harry is retiring and doing the country a favor, but there are others who will gladly step in and replace Dirty Harry as “most despicable”. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind. She was already rivaling Harry in her position as Speaker of the House, before the country had the opportunity to boot her out of that position by putting a Republican majority in the House. It took a national effort, however, to do something that the people of California just can’t figure out.

But the point of this piece is to remind the people of this country that we have to get rid of the extreme, partisan and uncompromising people in Washington. And if we can’t get ourselves to vote these “high name recognition” idiots out of office, the best way to do it is through term limits.

We should limit Congressmen and women and Senators to 12 years in office. That is six terms in the House and two terms in the Senate. If these people can’t get their agenda accomplished in 12 years, it’s time they move on before they get corrupted by special interest groups and the absolutely obscene amounts of our money that they spend (squander). Before term limits are in place, however, I encourage everyone to self-limit these extremists by voting them out of office. Take back the power from these fringe nut cases and give it back to the people, which will enrich the lives of all Americans.

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