Flow is a state when I’m completely immersed in whatever task, I’m doing. A state of mind, where my mind is free to let the body and spirit create. It is symbolized by elegance, simplicity, and freedom.

During the run of flow everything appears elegant. All that does not is easily blocked out. Elegance means grace in style. Nothing is too heavy or bright, it is in the middle. That is for the best because it means challenge.

Second, the abstract idea simplicity is amplified. At no moment in time will I be consumed by complicated concepts. Instead I will choose only the important ideas to concentrate my energy on. All of my senses will be activated, so it gets even easier.

Lastly, freedom will be achieved. In the active state, enlightenment will occur. The realization, how much effort I put in, is the self-esteem I get back. All anxiety slips away in the destructive state of flow. For my bars will be rid of.

In conclusion flow will rid of problems. Transform them into challenges. Unlike problems challenges can be overcome. Since they are more realistic and positive. Positive vibes.