Cambodian Magic

I typed this onto my iPhone notes, where I frequently write anything that comes into my mind, on January 5th 2017. I do keep a small, black travel journal and I try to write as much as possible on there; I prefer to write in my travel journal than to type an entry onto my iPhone notes. A new-age romanticist that I am, I absolutely love paying attention to small details, and sticking to the “old traditional ways”. The authenticity and story the travel journal log itself gives off not only entertains me, but it is also comforts me. I will talk about this at another time. Now, onto my stream of consciousness in Angkor Wat.

Sometimes the universe lets us get a small sneak-peak of magic, a moment when we feel something that reminds us why we used to believe in fairytales. A beam of sunlight breaking through the Cambodian groves, and it shining on the ancient wall carvings from hundreds and thousands of years ago is one of these moments.

This is the exact ledge I sat on when I wrote this on my phone. My uncle took this picture of me zoning out onto the horizon

Right now, I’m sitting on the ledge of a structure on the second level of Angkor Wat, looking down on people walking by and taking pictures with their friends and family. Each of these people have a story that is unique and special in its own way. I see an elderly couple directly across from me helping each other climb up the steep steps of the temple. Just for a brief moment, I wonder if I will ever find a person to share my life with, and to overcome various obstacles in life with (not just these steps of the temple). The abandoned, broken rocks on the grass field in Angkor Wat have their stories too. One rock might have broken off from an attack it had to endure, another might have been an excess block piece during construction, and another might have been a spiritual mural inside the temple, now broken. All of these rocks used to be purposeless parts of the Earth. After shaping and polishing of these gigantic pieces of Earth, they gained a purpose and a new reason for their existence.

All of these stories, both from the humans and these huge chunks of rocks, are beautifully coexisting — each of the elements impacting each other’s existence. This ledge that I am sitting on is providing me a comforting place to rest, tranquilizing and rejuvenating my tired body and mind from the travels I have been doing. And from this ledge’s perspective, my presence might be comforting its lonely spirit. Although millions of people have past through this temple, not many people made the effort to climb up this high and walked across the dangerous passageway to get to where I am right now. We are all sharing a story: a story of our existence, a story of the hardships that we all overcame, a story of lessons. Now, we are sharing them with one another, making each other mature and knowledgable.

The worst part of this is that we won’t recognize these awe-inspiring stories that each of us have until we take a step back or forward, and make the effort to understand one another without boundaries and prejudicial perceptions. The beauty we recognize from traveling is usually from the perception of the eye. But when we recognize the beauty from the perception of the soul and the mind, we can expand the spectrum of our views, and enjoy them more.

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