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Yeah, I was listening to this podcast the other day when it was posted, and I thought this sequence was the highlight of the cast. It’s important for Hillary supporters to remember that moment after Obama had effectively secured the nomination, and it took Hillary a few days to come full circle. I do think a lot of individuals who supported Bernie in the primaries will move over and support Clinton, but I do think there will be some people who are very anti-establishment that may sit this election out, or vote 3rd party. I don’t know many people that will make the switch from Bernie to Trump; the left-wing populism stemming from Bernie is just too different from Trumps far-right populism for people to honestly consider switching from Sanders to Donald — at least not likely voters- even though they share that anti-establishment message.

Thanks again for the pod. I completely understand individuals who want political balance from The Ringer, and ideally Simmons will be able to corral some intelligent right leaning people in the future. For now, DP and JF are doing a fantastic job at commenting on politics from a Democrat perspective, so we can assume that they are a lock. Ya’ll had S. E. Cupp on not too long ago, and I thought that was a fantastic pod, so for the right-leaning individuals who frequent The Ringer, I would suggest seeking that pod out.

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