Ageism is one of the great travesties of modern society. And unfortunately, given that everyone ages, the vast majority of us will fall victim to it in some .form or another. We cannot change the fact that we age, nor can we change the way our world perceives age (at least not immediately!) but we can change the way we think about age.

When I was in my 20s, I felt I could do and learn anything. And because of this, I dabbled in my different areas of interest and allowed myself to pursue whatever path that most excited me…

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For most of my life, I’ve chosen to see the world through the lens of competition. When I was a child, I had a permanent chip on my shoulder and looked at everyone as someone to “beat” in the game of life. I remember fantasizing about putting laxatives in one of my elementary school friend’s juice boxes after seeing it in a movie ( Three Ninjas, in case you’re wondering).

As ridiculous as this sounds, I was hoping to incapacitate him long enough so I could finally outdo him in a Math competition. I was envious of how my parents…

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This is a term I started using recently to describe my creative philosophy. I used to think about creativity in terms of flow, and while I still like this concept I find it’s a bit inaccessible for some. Zero Resistance Creativity is my attempt to find a happy medium. It’s a creative process that I believe anyone can adopt and make work for their unique sensibilities and situation.

Over 130 days ago, I started a daily challenge to work on a fantasy book project that I’ve been thinking about for years. I got a few pages here and there, but…

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As I write this, I’m sitting on my couch, legs reclined and outstretched, fingers poised ready to turn thought into words. Out of nowhere, my 2-year-old son jumps onto the couch and declares, “Daddy, I want to snuggle with you!”

How do you say no to that? So I welcome him onto the couch, he wiggles into the corner, I wrap my arm around his shoulder, and together we sit.

He watches me write, but he doesn’t yet have the ability to read words, so instead he sings his ABCs. I can feel his breath on my fingers as he…

Happy Wife, Happy Life is a phrase I didn’t start hearing until after I was married. Since my parents are immigrants, as are most of their friends, it was never used at home. My mother is not a happy wife and she did not have a happy life. My father, on the other hand, seems quite happy regardless of his situation or environment.

If I had heard this phrase used in a more positive context, I would likely have different feelings about it. …

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Have you ever felt lost about how best to move forward in life? Perhaps you feel stuck at a job, career, or relationship. Maybe you’re in school slogging away at a degree you’re not sure you really want. Or, things are going well, but you’re still not satisfied and want just a little bit more.

How do you navigate these challenges? Like any good citizen of the 21st Century, you start with a Google Search for ‘Find Your Passion’, ‘Why am I unhappy?’ or ‘I hate my job.’ …

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Have you ever been in a situation where you experienced strong disapproval from your parents? Perhaps it happened during a special holiday dinner or over the weekend when they dropped by uninvited to ‘check in’.

“I’m doing amazing, thanks for asking,” you say.

“Oh really?” your mom responds with that twitch in her eye as she surveys the state of your living space. Dad checks his phone, wisely avoiding the coming maelstrom.

A few hours later, you’re on the couch pissed and irritable. You’re angry at your parents for constantly critiquing the life path you’ve chosen. Though you’ve told them…

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Have you ever shared an article on Facebook or Twitter that you thought was your best work but received zero reads and only a handful of pity likes? And if this weren’t bad enough, as you click away to nurse your wounds, you stumble upon a cat meme your friend shared that has collectively racked up millions upon millions of likes.

How do you feel? Happy emoji? Sad emoji?

Part of the reason I closed down my Facebook account a few years back was due to my inability to deal with this reality. I’ll confess that I like cat memes…

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You want it too much

No one likes to be around a desperate person. Whether it’s someone on the rebound from a recent break up, a formerly gainfully employed person with way too much debt to pay off, or an aspiring writer who struggles to get his or her books, articles and pitches sold, desperation is a huge turnoff. Intuitively you know this, yet you still do it.


Because you’re afraid. To compensate, you push harder but with little to show for your efforts.

If only people bought my ebook…
If only my Medium posts got more views…
If only I could land a book deal……

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You’ve heard the statistics and scaremongering: The divorce rate globally is trending higher. People aren’t getting married anymore, they’re cohabitating. The whole concept of marriage is so 20th Century.

All these are probably true… and yet… when we talk, think and even ‘do’ love, it’s almost always with the eternal in mind. The love stories that capture our hearts — from the fairy tales to an old man eating out with a picture of deceased wife — are stories of life-long love. Deep down, we want relationships that challenge, fulfill and empower us for the rest of our lives.


Kevin C. Kuo

Husband, Father, Writer. Aspiring indie game developer. Part time trader and FIRE enthusiast:

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