Why You Should Buy Bioprocess Carboys

In the field of biopharmaceutical, it is very important to use clean containers. If you use containers that are not produced through a recognized standard of cleanliness, you run a potential risk of contamination. The point I want to highlight here is you should always buy bioprocess carboys from the company that follows recognized standard of cleanliness.

Container molders, like other manufactures, use their existing equipment and facilities to produce bioprocess bottles. They don’t want to make new investments. This results in compromises in the choice of process and the environment where the carboys are manufactured. For instance: EBM, extrusion blow molding, is commonly used to mold containers as the spending on this process is low. This process is very old. So, many leading molders already have extrusion blow molding machines. However, extrusion molding process is known to produce particulate which are not easy to clean. So, there are high particulate levels in the containers that are manufactured through EBM process.

Moreover, many molders manufacturers a wide range of products on the same equipment for the variety of markets that may require a different cleanliness standards. Clean-sterile production needs special practices. So, you should always buy bioprocess carboys from the company that has a facility solely dedicated and optimized for clean-sterile production.

Some leading companies, such as Biofluid, focus on supplying single-use products for biotechnology industries. You can buy bioprocess bottles online as well.

For more detail about bioprocess carboys, visit the website of Biofluid.

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