your job is your job, not my happiness
A Message for Bosses and People Who Have Them
Hank Green

I hate being a Negative Nelly here, but the sad fact is that pleasing the boss *is* one sure-fired way to climb the corporate ladder. I kind of hate the whole concept of even wanting to climb the corporate ladder, but there are certainly people dying to do so—so this statement is both idealistic and sadly impractical for people who are fighting their way into the ever-higher-earning work force. Maybe their job *shouldn’t* be to please the boss, but in an environment of monetarily-incentivized Pavlovian conditioning it’s going to be a hard sell.

On the note of not being so negative, what might be the best way to remove the toxic boss-pleasing mechanic from the working environment? What might we be able to do to increase autonomy instead of incentivizing self-deprecation?

Just like getting the money out of politics, the answer to this question is both the hardest thing to achieve and the only real path to an idealistic solution.

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