When Marc Andreessen is part of a conversation, I listen closely. As the name behind the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and popularizer of tweet storms, amongst many other accomplishments, he’s got a reputation for sharing worthwhile thoughts. When I heard him on the a16z podcast episode

Sometimes there’s a story you find yourself telling over and over again. Not some sort of thrilling story, but one that’s akin to revealing a shortcut to a fellow traveler on their way to a common destination. I have one such story, on the topic of effort and learning. …

Where the money is going & where AI is succeeding

Recently, CB Insights published their annual review of what they call the “AI 100,” a list of the most promising AI companies. The ranking is a product of their blackbox assessment over several factors such as patent activity, investor profiles, market potential and competitive landscape, so keep in mind that…

Kevin Connolly

Researcher at heart (physics PhD), fascinated by data, tech, piano, languages, literature — possibly everything. Currently doing data stuff @FrontApp .

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