As a product designer, I conduct many interviews, usability tests, and surveys with my team. Sometimes insights need additional quantitative or qualitative validation. Other times, insights are useful but irrelevant to the current build. These inevitabilities bear the following questions: What’s the best way to validate new learnings with internal knowledge? Where should “floating” insights live so they don’t get lost or forgotten? And what’s the best way for the team and stakeholders to access these insights when they do become relevant?

Given the generative nature of design research, I found that file folder solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox were causing more headaches than benefits longterm. …

Communicating core value to increase activation and retention

I work at a VC backed startup, and for us, priority #1 is growth. When I design new features, I think about increasing activation, retention, and revenue.

In this article, I’ll discuss my method to apply a growth lens to onboarding design.

Why Onboarding?

Getting onboarding right is a low hanging fruit [highest output/lowest effort] to improving activation and retention for your product. …


Kevin Cook

Senior Product Designer @ Sawyer |

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