AWS Cloud9 is a full featured web-based IDE that you may want to configure on your Laravel Forge provisioned server, especially if you use a VPS for your development environment



  • The API cannot be accessible for everyone so there needs to be some level of authentication.
  • The site providing the API does not offer user registration. If your site does have user registration and you want basic API authentication this approach is likely more suitable.
  • Granting an API key will be a case-by-case manual process as opposed to on demand.

  • Have access to a desktop or laptop browser? Tools like Codeanywhere or Cloud9 have you covered.
  • Have an iOS device? Coda has an excellent app.
  • Familiar with Vim? You’ll just need an SSH connection to your VPS.
  • Terminal: Codeanywhere, Cloud9, and Coda all all have terminals built in so no worries there. …


  • VPS with full root access
  • Basic server management UI (e.g. create sites and databases)
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSL
  • Automatic on-site & off-site backups
  • A basic level of redundancy
  • Reasonable cost ($50 or less per month)



  • Primary VPS with on-site backup enabled: $12.50 / month
  • Failover VPS: $5 / month
  • Server management: $19 / month
  • VPS backup: $0…

Kevin Cristella

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