AWS Cloud9 is a full featured web-based IDE that you may want to configure on your Laravel Forge provisioned server, especially if you use a VPS for your development environment



If you don’t already have a server that you would like to configure with AWS Cloud9, you should create one in Laravel Forge.

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Once logged in to your Cloud9 dashboard, you will want to initiate the Create environment process.

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On the next screen specify a name and optional description then click Next step.

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Chose SSH as your Environment type and then click the Copy key to clipboard button to copy AWS’s public SSH key to your clipboard which you will then need to add to your server in Laravel Forge. …

I recently had a need to expose an API with some very basic authentication requirements:

  • The API cannot be accessible for everyone so there needs to be some level of authentication.
  • The site providing the API does not offer user registration. If your site does have user registration and you want basic API authentication this approach is likely more suitable.
  • Granting an API key will be a case-by-case manual process as opposed to on demand.

With these assumptions in mind, the powerful Laravel Passport package seemed to be overkill so I went with this approach using Laravel 5.6:

Step 1: Add an API_KEY value to your app’s .env file. If you need many keys, another option is to create a database table to store the keys. …

Every time I go down the rabbit hole of considering a switch from iOS to Android I always back down at the last minute for one reason: iMessage.

It’s how I communicate with almost everyone I stay in contact with.

Sure, there are some tempting alternatives to iMessage like WhatsApp or Telegram but it’s no small feat to get everyone you stay in contact with to convert. They never will and you will fall out of touch or lose out on the conversation.

And we are all addicted to the delivered status…

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…well played Apple.

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