2 Sales Hacks for Launching Your Business Book on LinkedIn

The best way to get ignored? Follow the rules.

Russ and I are experimenting with ways to promote How to Stand Up an AI Practice. Our goal in writing the book was to meet more product leaders & corporate innovation teams looking to bring AI into their environment.

Our challenge is getting noticed immediately

I’ve helped friends like Eric Ries, Gabriel Weinberg and Ash Maurya launch business books — it is hard as hell and they invest years building an audience.

We don’t have weeks — must less years — and need to get the book in the hands of potential customers immediately for feedback. We’re also launching an early draft without testimonials or reviews.

Why we decided to launch on LinkedIn

Since we have no email list LinkedIn is our best option. Twitter has become a stream of noise and Facebook doesn’t have the business audience. Medium is awesome but doesn’t have a broad social network.

Only LinkedIn allows us to build relationships and get broader distribution through content marketing. Unfortunately it is also incredibly noisy and highly restrictive.

We realized that following the rules would get us ignored.

So we looked at our options and came up with 2 hacks.

Hack #1 — Turn your LinkedIn profile into a landing page

Russ is really killing it here. Check out his LinkedIn profile.

I added the “Connect” button since I’m already connect to him.

What I love about this approach.

  1. He stands out because he breaks the rules. The top line isn’t some general comment about his skills — he promotes the book.
  2. Every other LinkedIn profile is “About Me”. Russ made his “About You”. Just think about that for a moment …
  3. Simple CTA — Connect — which also helps build relationships. Russ makes it drop-dead easy to get a copy of the book while also building a new relationship.

Hack #2 — Launch in a LinkedIn Post and send the book to those who comment

This is actually easier to see in action than explain.

Here is the LinkedIn Post.

What I love about it:

  1. Drop-dead easy.
  2. Viral. More views, comments and likes drives up ranking on LinkedIn.
  3. Social proof. Seeing comments drives perception of value.

Results after 2 weeks

We’re not interested in vanity metrics, so I can’t even tell you how many likes, shares, reads we have. I don’t even know how many people have the book.

We just don’t care.

We have only 2 metrics

  1. Number of intelligent professionals who give us valuable feedback.
  2. New relationships with business leaders who have multi-million dollar budgets.


  • 5 people gave us excellent, detailed, feedback.
  • 15 qualified leads to our sales pipeline.
  • Inbound requests lead to 3 scheduled calls with (very) qualified potential clients.
But our biggest win was instant validation. In just 2 weeks we demonstrated demand for an AI book written for a business audience.

Will these hacks work for you?

I have no idea. But in full disclosure understand that we didn’t just wake up 2 weeks ago and decide to write a book.

We have decades of experience and have spent years building an expertise in AI and corporate innovation. We have thousands of contacts on LinkedIn. We spent hundreds of hours talking to corporate executives and product teams before writing the book.

But we’re not unusual — plenty of people smarter and more experienced than us have spent months promoting their books without success.

Happy hacking!