How To Grow Your Church’s Social Media in 8 Minutes

Everyday the people in your church pick up their phones and are bombarded with messages of despair, anger, depression, hate, and violence through social media. They’re in desperate need of messages of hope, love, grace, and joy.

Your church in today’s landscape has the unique ability to reach people 24 hours a day through your social media presence. You know this. But, how do you make the time and effort to reach people through social media? If I had to guess most of you have never taken a marketing class in your life. That’s okay.

A lack of time, money, and understanding are the biggest reasons why churches are not succeeding at social media. That needs to change and I want to be the one to help do it. Ready to see how you can grow your church’s reach on social media in just 8 minutes? Here we go.

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Buffer is my tool of choice to schedule your social media posts in advance. This tool alone will help you save hours of time every week and will give your church a consistent voice of social media. Gone are the days of you having to remember to post everyday. Instead, fill up your queue on Buffer and let it remember for you.

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I started to give churches access to pre-made social media graphics created specifically for churches. Our library of 390 graphics allows your church to have something to say every day of the year. Every image features a Bible verse, song lyric, or quote from a respected Christian author/pastor. All you have to do is download the library and add the graphics to Buffer.

Your church will become a beacon of hope, joy, grace, and love by being a consistent voice on social media. Don’t put off using social media because of time, money, or lack of knowledge any longer. By using Buffer with you can have a low cost solution that saves you time and doesn’t require a marketing degree to succeed.

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