People think he’s so cocky,

People think he has pride,

But what they don’t see

Is what is inside.

Someone who’s scared,

Someone who feels alone,

Someone who thinks

He’s in it on his own.

But people think he’s so cocky

They think he’s so vain,

But what they can’t see

Is that he’s really in pain.

He’s feeling alienated

Like he doesn’t belong,

He has to hide his struggle

So he pretends to be strong.

But people think he’s so cocky,

They think he’s so tough

They don’t realize

That he’s had enough.

So he takes a bullet,

And he takes a gun

Puts the gun in his mouth

And he’s finally done.

But people think he’s so cocky

So arrogant is he,

But maybe the arrogant man

Was just feeling lonely.

So he did the bravest thing he could,

He put his pain to an end

Because the cocky man

Just wanted a friend.

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