YCombinator Fellowship Fake Acceptance Letter
kurt braget

Yesterday during sunset I was hiking back from Mt. Lee (Hollywood Sign) when I received a text from my wingman, my friend Kurt Braget. We met at an accelerator in Venice, CA three years ago. We’ve been through a lot and have supported each other through sharing ideas, making apps, and building our network. Never have I met a more driven human being who doesn’t drink nor party but rather builds programs over the weekend only to share and get feedback in order to improve the way we interact with one another. Kurt is about building technology while money has never been priority. Whomever was sick minded enough to write acceptance letters to those who devote their lives to a startup karma is truly a bitch. I was in tears walking down the mountain in joy and happiness knowing that my friend Kurt Braget made it to the offices of Y-Combinator! It sure was fun to pretend for 12 hours.

P.S. Y-Combinator you should reconsider Kurt Braget he’s a diamond in the rough.