If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Along with many others who have responded, I see the analysis in the first 65% of the article to be plausible. “Trumpians” don’t care about Russia and do have a “means to an end mentality.” But your notion of an underground well-organized and engineered economic Armageddon seems a bit OTT. Not because they won’t be angry enough, or lack to social power to cause problems, but because you seem to ignore other very likely responses because they don’t follow your zombie apocalypse type of narrative.

For one thing, you didn’t entertain the possibility of militia violence. Why not? This sector of the population is very gun-friendly and has ties into both militias and Domesday types (as you mentioned). Militias are better organized than independent truckers and farmers; it seems at least equally as likely that they will start tearing the sinews of local and state government before they collectively decide to stop paying taxes.

I’m not saying the a Trump impeachment wouldn’t be messy to the point of chaos, and the possible destruction of American political traditions. I think you and I agree on that. I just think that in the last third of the article, you decide to argue your pet conclusion instead of maintaining a clear-headed balance and exploring more reasonable explanations.

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