Profitably Serving the Small Business

I recently wrote a column for outlining the challenges for brokers servicing small business portfolios. You can read the full piece here.

In the article, I talked about small business customer expectations for an integrated HR and benefits offering supported by cutting edge technology and a thoroughly modern user experience. For brokers breaking even or losing income on these smaller customers, this burden can be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

But as I suggested in the piece, all is not lost. A new breed of technology providers is emerging to enable brokers with integrated technology platforms that help them service this customer base more profitably.

Decisely is such a company. We are the first small business solution built for brokers, by brokers. We know that a thriving broker community is critical to the success of small businesses everywhere. To ensure that, we promise two things:

1. We will make a broker’s book of small business profitable; and

2. We will hand back “growth” accounts.

Decisely is the “small business farm system” for brokers. We transform small business portfolios from a breakeven or money losing business into a profitable one. And then as we nurture the customer and help turn it into a growth business, we are contractually obligated to return it to the broker’s portfolio as a larger enterprise customer, at a pre-negotiated size and price.

We are not here to compete with brokers. We can only be the champion of small businesses by serving as the enabler of brokers.

We recently made a believer out of a Top 20 brokerage firm I mentioned in the article. They were brave and recognized they cannot be all things to all client segment and needed a partner — they couldn’t jettison clients and simply abandon their community needs. Building technology was too expensive for such a small percentage of their revenue base, and their existing small business partners were either not as effective and efficient as promised or competing with them in the mid-market employer segment. A contractually bound small business farm system turned out to be the perfect fit.

You’ll hear more from Decisely over the coming months. We’re expanding our platform with new capabilities to better serve small businesses and make our broker-partners more competitive in small business solutions. A licensed broker in all 50 states, we’ll be rolling out new partners and customers around the country. And most of all, we’ll be vocal about championing the intersection of small businesses, technology and brokers. Learn more here.