Day 3: My bootcamp Experience.

Day 3

I'll tell you this for free - working on a computer for hours while laying on your back is not a good idea for your back. I had to work in bed today because I took ill. Of course I was disappointed I couldn't make it to Andela today: what with the space that commands you double down on concentration and productivity but I was going to make it work.

I spent the day learning about nodejs and taking on challenge 2. Let me be clear, I had no idea how to begin creating API endpoints. But I assume the point is not to come readymade because when you are sent on an assignment to Arabia solving an IT problem, you have to start somehow and you have to produce results (somehow). And that’s just what I did.

Ive barely clocked in any sleep time (Isn’t it ironic because what I was told would help me get better is sleep) but it’s supposed to be worth it. I can sleep next Sunday. In a twist of fate however, I’ve just found out that the deadline has been moved to tomorrow. Well, I choose not to panic (trying to keep my zen here).

I'll just sleep for 30 minutes and then continue with fresh eyes. Sometimes that's all the tech magic you need.... zZZ