Progress for the Sake of Progress.

There’s an excitement that cooks inside when you are finally on the path you’ve always dreamed. I am always jolted by the thought of starting a new day at Andela. Nothing reassures me more that I’m in the right place than stepping into the space and experiencing other young minds pouring their heart out into the work. This was one of many reasons I decided to show up at camp each day of the home study session.

I looked forward to challenges I’d receive each day like a Yoruba man anticipates a hard piece of meat 'kpomo' he cannot wait to devour. Once I got the brief, as you must know, it presented itself already complex but calling to unravel nonetheless. Imagine my excitement.

Each day, I buried my head right into the work and every time I found a new answer, unlocked a new level, got it right, I would let out a little smile, celebrate that small victory but dive right into the next challenge knowing that my work wasn’t done.

I have made great progress in the little time i have been at camp, progress made possible by a great learning environment, awesome tutors , an “arguably” fast internet connection, and just all that creative energy emanating from fellow campers.

Thanks for the view, and hope you found this a good read.