Marketing Needs a Hero… and It’s a Human.

I haven’t made a Medium post from my phone yet. While I wait for our steak to finish on the grill, I couldn’t help but put my thumbs to work [plz excuse spelling errors].

Over the past few weeks, I’ve reviewed hundreds of web presences for small businesses. As of now, I’m convinced that the small to medium sized business world is completely lost in how to build a strong web presence. In fact, that might be more confused than ever before.

We (marketers) have ourselves to thank for the absolute mess of small business marketing. As we try to squeeze businesses into a model and drive profits for new IPOs, small businesses have been absolutely screwed by shady selling and over promising. Our (TrustWorkz) customers come to us after years of being burned by big box marketing and PPC charlatans. They’ve spent thousands of dollars on promises and zero results.

Thankfully, the free market prevails. The liars and cheaters will crumble. Their businesses will fail.

There are only two things that matter:

  • results
  • perception of results

If your business can drive both for your customer, then you’re winning.

It Takes a Human

Small businesses today need a human. They need someone to connect with, on a human to human level, dig into their business (what they offer and what makes them tick), and develop personalized strategies for growth.

While sales teams have their place in business development (we’re building our team now), the authentic touch of an empathetic and professional human being can make a major difference for a small business looking to leverage the power of the Internet to grow their business. A dashboard and ad program can only do so much. At some point, automation reaches its Great Wall.

As the Internet continues to grow and become more complex, I will continue to place my bet on the relationships of humans, their ability to empathize and show discernment. The digital professional, what we call the WebOp, will prevail.

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