Should You Quit Social Media?

Some of you have tried social media and you’re not sold on it. For some reason or another, you’re just not gaining traction or seeing how it relates to growing your business. Is it time for you to throw in the towel?

This is something that we come across everyday at TrustWorkz. I’m currently looking over a large proposal for a company that has basically given up on social media. Their Facebook pages haven’t been touched in YEARS. For them, outsourcing their Internet marketing is a last resort. That’s their current state of mind. For many businesses, hiring a professional (agency or in house marketer) should be the first choice.

Hitting a Social Media Wall

Social media might be a complete waste of your time.

I mean it.

If marketing isn’t something that you live and love, it might not be something you should be doing. Knowing that is a good thing. This is where self awareness can help you maximize your efforts to build your business in other ways. If that’s you, then you should probably quit social media altogether, hire a specialist or hire an agency. Playing around and not doing it well enough to build business is just a waste of your most valuable resource; your time.

Looking Back on Why You Started

Many businesses that struggle with social media started because someone told them that it was easy and it was a great way to make money. Every expo/trade show I have ever attended has had someone spewing that drivel. They call themselves Gurus, and they were paid a lot of money to tell you that you’re special and can do it too.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Social media is a great place to make money (otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it). However, if it was ever “easy”, then those days are long gone. The landscape is increasingly more complicated as people adapt and evolve, and the tools themselves go through their progressions.

It’s definitely possible for a small business owner to kill it online. There are a select few that have the resources, drive, and perseverance to learn and execute. When they do, they land book deals and end up on CNBC. These people are the exceptions. Most of us, however, need to focus on running our businesses. Our time is best spent on a sales call, hiring new team members, or simply meeting with your team to make sure everyone is getting what they need to be successful.

Everyone else though… you need help.

Your Next Move

Do I really think you should quit social media? Absolutely not! YOU might need to quit, but your business should definitely build a presence. It’s crazy to not want to tap into this world.

Your next move is deciding whether you should hire a well qualified in house marketer or call up an agency to help get you on the right track and help grow your business.

Your next move matters. Growing your business using the Internet and social media matters. The only thing that this isn’t, is something that you can simply stick your head in the sand and ignore.

I’d love to know what you think! Leave a note or write a response. Want to spread the word? Share or recommend! I appreciate it!

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