Target Is Ahead of TV Advertising with Product Placement in ‘Jane the Virgin’ Series

(Greg Gayne / CW)

Product placement seems so taboo, right? Look at the world around us though. We hate interruptions. The world of advertising still lags behind with pop up ads and TV commercials.

My wife and I got hooked on the show Jane the Virgin thanks to Netflix. We occasionally like to end a busy day with some us time and a guilty pleasure TV show we can laugh through. The CW’s Jane the Virgin was a pleasant discovery!

During their holiday episodes in 2015, we began to notice Target placement throughout the show. The Black Friday episode was even set in, you guessed it, Target! After that episode, we began to notice Target shopping bags or boxes making their way into the lives of the characters.

Here’s the thing; we chuckled about it, but Target hit a home run with their product placement and committment to it. They managed to expose us to their brand in a memorable way, it fit the context of the content we were consuming, and it didn’t interrupt our viewing of the show. *By the time we were at this episode, we were watching it on live TV again. Spoiler alert: there are still commercials that run.

Traditional television advertising and Internet advertising will need to adapt. The world has already changed and is finding new ways to go interrupted while consuming content. The wise marketer will adapt and tap into their creativity. Whether you create original content or find interesting ways to weave your brand into the context of another story, the brands (and media companies) that embrace this first will have a HUGE advantage. For some, that might just mean survival.

I foresee a world that continues to reject commercials (including pre roll YouTube ads) and embraces advertising more similar to what Target is running now with Jane the Virgin. A world of interruption is simply fading away with the amount of choices we are provided with today.

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